I forgot exactly how it started, but 5 Halloweens ago I got inspired to do a fancy pumpkin carving. Now for the last 3 years I’ve let the kids pick out their own theme and I’ll do my best to find something that works for them.

This year it was High School Musical for Katy. With the movie coming out in October, and Disney promoting the way only Disney can, I was half expecting them to make some patterns available. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one so I found an image of the East High Wildcat logo and made my own pattern. The result:
HSM Wildcat

For Billy, he’s kind of a geography nut, especially for a second grader. He’s also into flags. So when I found something that combined both at Carving Pumpkins it was perfect.

Flag pumpkin

Last year I created the patterns myself. It was Magglio Ordonez for Billy and a picture of our beagle Jade for Katy. The images of which escape me at the moment.

In 2006 it was a very Disney Halloween with Cars and Little Mermaid.

Okay. I’m done showing off now.

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