Welcome to the Billfer Blog. This is the personal blog of Bill Ferris. I’ve been blogging since 2001 when I started the now defunct Zesty. I’ve launched a number of blogs focusing on topics such as the Tigers, preschool television, and sports blogging.

This is actually a relaunch of an earlier project from several years back. Most of the stuff is hardly relevant at this point, and I probably should have started from scratch, but things like the Man Baby Shower need to live on forever and ever. (Sadly this may be my greatest contribution to society).

By day I’m a web manager at Henry Ford Health System – which is a relatively new gig for me as I come from an engineering background. The rest of the time I’m a dad and husband with a side of blogging thrown in. Although if you ask Mrs. Billfer that side of blogging is equivalent to a side of beef – especially during baseball season which seems to be year round anymore. I bleed Maize and Blue and I cry with the Lions while celebrating with the Pistons and Red Wings.

If you’re into the Twitter thing, I’m on there too and you can follow along @billfer.

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