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That’s Bad…That’s Good

Why not…

I don’t know what I’m doing

I recently came to the conclusion I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Throughout the entirety of my professional career I have been an engineer (okay, so it’s industrial engineering), and then about three months ago I changed directions and became a PR person. The things is, I didn’t know I was changing directions. I didn’t even realize I was becoming a PR person. I thought I was just taking a fork in the road.

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I forgot exactly how it started, but 5 Halloweens ago I got inspired to do a fancy pumpkin carving. Now for the last 3 years I’ve let the kids pick out their own theme and I’ll do my best to find something that works for them.

This year it was High School Musical for Katy. With the movie coming out in October, and Disney promoting the way only Disney can, I was half expecting them to make some patterns available. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one so I found an image of the East High Wildcat logo and made my own pattern. The result:
HSM Wildcat
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I’m back

I don’t know how long this will last, but I’m resurrecting the Billfer Blog. I’ve wanted to riff on different topics for a little while now and haven’t had a place to do so. If you’re reading, leave a comment or drop me a note so I know I’m not just talking to myself. Though if I do I suppose that’s okay too.

Boy I Suck

So I start a blog, and 6 weeks later I go two weeks without posting. Well, TV for Tots has plateaued at about 110 visits per day. I haven’t really pushed that blog like I should have the last couple weeks. I stopped pushing new and different content (branching beyond the same handful of shows I’d been blogging about), which squelched additional keyword potential. Even still, the Christmas shopping ad revenue didn’t roll in like I’d hoped it would.

In the meantime I had another rather successful blog launch in Baseblogging. Right now the hits are coming in surges, but I’m building an audience and learning more along the way. In fact, a well written well timed post resulted in my first 1000+ hit day. A post about accounting for bloggers written by Brian of Tigerblog was wildly successful. On the same day the Tigers were kicking up the heat on the hot stove which resulted in a surge on the Tiger site (600+ visits in a day, my biggest day ever).

So blogging has been successful other places, just not here.

Early Christmas Present

Mrs. Billfer and I decided that we needed to upgrade our digital camera. Our 5 year old HP 2.1 megapixel camera had served us well for thousands of pictures, but we really wanted more. Our Christmas present this year is a new digital camera.
Red Cardinal

After a weekend of research we (by we I mean me) narrowed it down to 3 cameras. The Kodak Z7590, the Canon Powershot S2, and the Panasonic FZ5 (aff links). Despite knowing people who had the Kodak and the Canon – and were thrilled with them – we went with the Panasonic. The Kodak was cheaper, but didn’t offer image stabilization. The Canon had a couple more whistles – like the swivel out LCD and a better movie mode, but the cost was outside of our price range. We split the difference and went with the Panasonic. It’s movie resolution is the lowest of the 3, but we weren’t buying a movie camera. It has 12x optical zoom and 5 megapixels. These shots I took this morning on pure automatic mode, and I have to say I’m pretty happy.

Snowy Junco Junco

More on the Man Baby Shower

The more I think about this baby shower for dads, the more I realize the genius in it. In our circle of friends all the guys are married now – so no more bachelor parties that we have to go to (sigh). These baby showers will fill the void (without extreme debauchery of course). It’s gonna be a thing!

We’ll be throwing one this weekend for a friend who’s wife is having a scheduled c-section. I’m thrilled at the prospect of telling everyone we meet that it is “Joe’s Baby Shower.” Now we just need to think of activities. Any suggestions?

Man Parties

So back in the day when a couple would get married both the man and woman would receive a party. The woman’s was the wedding shower, and the man’s was the bachelor party. Over time women still continue to have showers, but they’ve adopted the man’s party as well.

Then the baby comes, and the woman gets another party – this time the baby shower. I think it is only fair that the man should receive another party as well – the “I’m about to have a kid party.” Continue reading

It’s alright, cuz I’m Saved by the Bell

What with the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a good time to share some suggestions for your loved ones. Right now, you can get official Bayside Tiger merchandise. Choose from the popular “Go Bayside, Beat Valley” t-shirt, the Zach Attack Friends Forever Tour shirt, or the classic and simple Bayside Tiger circle logo shirt.

And speaking of the logo shirt – I can’t believe I never noticed that the logo is exactly the same as the old Detroit Tigers logo.

These wonderful selections are available from Shopping

I’m teetering between excitement and horror all at the same time.

Bank signs, am I getting warmer?

Whatever happened to bank signs that told you the temperature? Sure, they were typically wrong, and the information could often be determined by actually rolling down the window. I know that a ton of cars will tell you the external temperature, and there are whole channels on this thing called cable (I think it is really going to take off) dedicated to the weather, and then there is the internet (which also shows potential) which also has detailed weather information. But where have all the bank signs gone?

If I had a bank (hypothetically speaking), I’d definitely put the temperature out there. Of course if I had a bank then it would be absorbed by a large multi-national financial institution (hypothetically speaking) who would assure all my customers that nothing would change. And then 6 months later they’d change the signage to form a cohesive brand and announce that nothing is changing (hypothetically speaking). And then 3 months later they would convert my fee-free accounts to fee-full accounts (hypothetically speaking). Two months later I’d actually notice, call and complain, and have the accounts switched to the “new” fee-free accounts. But I digress (hypothetically speaking).

I guess maybe the better question is, “why did bank signs start displaying the temperature in the first place?”