It's a Girl!
At 4:13am on April 2, 2003 Kaitlyn Ann became the newest member of our family. She weighed in at a health 8lbs 8.3oz and measured 21in. Mom did labor drug free and all natural and I couldn't be prouder of her. We first arrived at the hospital around 6pm on April 1st with contractions about 7 minutes apart. While on the monitor we saw the contractions slow down to every 9-10 minutes at which point we were instructed to walk around. During walking the contraction intensity picked up and the frequency increased to about every 5 minutes. However, this wasn't deemed active labor because the cervix wasn't changing so we were sent home at 9:30 with contractions 4-5 minutes apart. This decision illicited a lively debate between Dad and the on-call obstetrician. Dad, with all of 0 years of medical experience was convinced that Mom's water should be broken to speed up the labor. Not suprisingly we lost the argument and on the drive home the contraction frequency increased to every 3 minutes or so. After about a half hour at home with both the intensity and frequency of the contractions increasing rapidly we decided to return to the hospital. Shortly after 11:00pm it was deemed that because the cervix had changed to 3.5 this was the real deal and we were admitted. A couple hours of contractions 3 minutes apart moved it to 4.5. At 3AM Mom was checked again and had progressed to 5. That's when things started happening. The water broke at 3:10, and then for the next hour she gained about 1cm every ten minutes. To dad this thing was flying along-Mom probably had a different take because the pain was through the roof at this point. At 4am she began to push and at 4:13 we were done. Feel free to peruse the pictures below.